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Compostable BioBag Bin Liners

Compostable BioBag Bin Liners

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BioBag liners offer easy and hygienic solutions for households and commercial kitchens. They are made using sustainably sourced plant starch and as such, compost in a well-functioning composting environment just like any other plant will. Being a lot more environmentally sustainable option these BioBags can replace regular plastic bags in lining bins all through the house. Not to mention hotels, offices and any other place where a bin liner or sack is used. 

 We offer three sizes to choose from in your Cleanr Crate.

  • 35L, a roll of 40 bags
  • 50L, a roll of 32 bags
  • 80L, a roll of 20 bags

Key features of BioBag's Bin Liners are;

  • They have quality approval from ISO
  • Their performance ability has met AS 4736 standard (Shelf life and composting)
  • They are GMO Free
  • They are Palm Oil Free

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