Organic Coconut Soap - Cleanr Crates

Cleanr Crates Organic Coconut Soap

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What's in these bubbly, creamy, lathery bars?

Well, all this... Olive, sunflower, rice bran, avocado and castor oils along with shea butter. Also included in this divine mixture is bits of coconut to exfoliate your skin as you wash. Last but not least because we are green all the way, these soap bars are completely palm oil free. 

We have received positive feedback from our customers, reporting that this soap is the best they've ever used. 

However, we feel we should be honest with everyone, so, due to the all natural ingredients, they do tend to be used up a little quicker than your chemical & palm oil filled commercial soaps. We recommend adding a few for good measure. 

Each bar is 100 grams.


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