About Us

Family photo of who operate the eco friendly business cleanr crates

Hi There,

Welcome to our site! My name is Scott and with my partner Megan, we founded Cleanr Crates in 2018. The idea came when we noticed that eco-friendly products had high mark ups, which meant there was no incentive for people to make environmentally friendly choices on their household items. This is our planet and we should be looking after it, in a clean, affordable way.

Aside from raising our two young children, Georgie & Lachie, we are big David Attenborough fans and watching Blue Planet 2 really inspired us to change our habits & the decisions we make around household items, especially for the future of our kids. It isn’t until you take stock of everyday items that you realise just how much of it is plastic. So, we made it our mission to source products that were not only environmentally friendly, but affordable for everyone. And so, Cleanr Crates was born. 

We run our business out of our home in Perth, Western Australia and our aim is to provide affordable, sustainable products to Australian homes. Our boxes are made completely of sustainable and environmentally friendly products and we are proud to bring these products into your home.

Thank you for visiting our site, we look forward to a Cleanr future for everyone.

Kindest regards,
Scott Burns