Cleanr Crates Organic Coconut Soap (Palm oil free)

Organic natural ingredients coconut soap palm-oil-free

What's in these bubbly, creamy, lathery bars?

Well, all this... Olive oil, sunflower oil, rice bran oil, avocado and castor oils along with shea butter. Also included in this divine mixture is bits of coconut to exfoliate your skin as you wash. These soap bars are completely palm oil free. 

In our handcrafted soap we use the cold process in which all our ingredients are mixed at low temperature. This process retains all the natural goodness of the base oils and essential oils.  In the saponification process large quantities of natural glycerine is produced which remains in the final bar of soap.

Included in each crate:

  • 3 x 100 gram bars

Thinking you may need more than three? No problem! You can now add three bars of this divine soap to your Cleanr Crate at the checkout for just an extra  $10.00AUD.

There are no added chemicals, phosphates, sodium lauryl sulphates or parabens.

The Essentials Crate items: